Jenna Ellefson 

times two... Jenna Ellefson and Amanda Breese began playing together in early 2010. It was to be just for fun, but it was clear from the beginning that something just clicked. For the past seven years they played together extensively while each developing their own individual styles.
Jenna and Amanda sang each other's songs on islands, at farmers markets, in grocery stores, at weddings, in big venues and in dive bars. They played together in tiny corners and on big stages, they toured the east coast and they played close to home. And that longtime partnership is evident on stage. 
Each an artist in her own right, they are always weaving in and out of one another's music, always inspired by each other's lyrics and always calling on one another to sing backup or play on recordings. Their touching lyrics and warm harmonies are supported by banjo, guitar and years of friendship.

melodies & harmonies