Jenna Ellefson 

and her sweet band 

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Jenna grew up in lush Oregon, beside waterfalls, amid tall trees and foxgloves. One flowery spring, on a whim, she bought a little banjo...and suddenly all the poems she had been scribbling, and all the melodies she had been humming, and all the beautiful places she had seen spilled out over its little plucky strings and finally...she had songs to sing.

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09.12.2015 update
There are no shows currently booked, but check back often.

"Folkstress Jenna Ellefson  has proven she can turn even the hardest souls into pure putty.

The Portlander’s chalky voice, coupled with delicate and minimalistic folkscapes, makes for quite the serenade. While stark, the sound echoes Ellefson’s Western upbringing,

gently bubbling with a woodsy sense of enchantment and wonder." 
-Willamette Week